Great Trump Quotes

There are so many great quotes from Donald Trump, it is hard to choose what to post.  These are some fun tidbits from the various Republican debates. Of course, it is much better with facial expressions, so use your imagination.

“It cost him ‘bigly’”

“I know I’m here for the ratings, but it is a little bit ridiculous.”

THIS IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE TRUMP QUOTE!  “If I can’t beat her, you are really going to get killed.”  trump face

“That is nonsense.”

“I’m being audited because my company is very very large …”


“This guy’s a choke artist and this guy is a liar.” This being said on the debate stage.

“I’m having a lot of fun up here tonight.”

“I’m relaxed, you are the basket case.” Of course looking at Rubio.

“I’m talking about a wall I will build on budget, on time, it’s going to be very high, and maybe I would get Canada to pay for it.”

“Nobody knows politicians better than I do.”

“I can be more presidential than anybody.”

“Give me a break.”

“Nobody is listening to you …”

Happy Trails!


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