CPAC Throwdown – Trump vs. Cruz

CPACJust returned from the gathering of the conservative faithful known as CPAC. This year, much like the conservative movement itself, it was bigger and more divided.

The CPAC straw poll had Cruz in first, Rubio in second and Trump in third. Another reason not to believe straw polls. Ever. No doubt, this is Cruz country, but the only reason Trump didn’t come in a close second was because he skipped out on his speech at the last minute. (Did the organizers cook the books in the straw poll? Say it ain’t so.)

At the conference itself there was a clear division. The suit and tie conservatives, who are mostly campaign and policy pros working the event, were squarely in the Cruz camp. The civilians were all Trump. No data to back this up, but it sure looked the grassroots Tea Party faithful have moved from Cruz to Trump.

Does that mean Cruz is the new establishment?


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