The DNCC 2016 – My Brother’s Reports

This blog is a team effort between two siblings, my brother and me.  We started this several years ago posting short videos.  I cooked something great, talked a little politics, made fun of conservatives, and my brother directed the conversation, interviewed people,  mainly our cousin, Joey, and debated current political issues and elections. We both… Continue reading The DNCC 2016 – My Brother’s Reports


Political Cookin’ is Back!

We missed 2014, and we missed 2015, and it’s all Vinny’s fault.  But we are back, and there is no way we are going to miss 2016.  Albeit, arriving to the party a little late, we are starting off with a bang this year.  We have our first special guest arriving on March 12, 2016… Continue reading Political Cookin’ is Back!